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The set includes 3 (three) resin bombs, 1 ( one) missile, a small resin block with impact fuses, a plastic sheet ( for the fins of bombs and missile) and a piece of hard wire
By the end of the WW II Germany reached considerable success in developing of nuclear weapons. Due to various factors ranging from wrong decisions of its leaders, fractional inside quarrels to real sabotage these weapons fortunately were never used in anger by the Third Reich. Nevertheless they make interesting study for all WW II history enthusiasts. Four main bomb types were brought out: German small uranium bomb “Kleiner Behälter” both with and without parachute ( Kamikaze version); SA 4000 compartment type light cased bomb for isotopic radioactive load-in connection with conventional explosive or mixture with other substances; German Uranium bomb “Grosser Behälter” extremely similar to the U.S. “Little Boy” Hiroshima bomb ( produced at Stadtilm/Ohrdruf) and German Plutonium bomb with V-2 like fins ( produced at Innsbruck).