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BT 400 aerial torpedoes

Product Description
The set includes resin parts for 2 (two) aerial torpedoes, pylons, fittings and instructions.
The BT 400 aerial torpedo bomb was designed to replace the bombs used by fighter-bombers against shipping, but could also be used against land targets. The bomb consisted of a long truncated nose cone with a cylindrical centre section and a tail unit which tapered towards the rear on which were positioned three fins. It was designed to enter the water on a flat trajectory and continue beneath without deviation at as fast a speed and for as greatest distance as possible. When compared with the LT F5 torpedo, the BT 400 had the advantage of being built mainly of more readily available ferrous metals, and taking merely 60 manhours to produce rather than 2000. The bomb weighed a total of 400 Kgs. (880 lbs), half of which comprised the high explosive warhead. It was planned that the Bt 400 would be aimed with the aid of the TSA 2D bombsight for Me 262 fighters.