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Messerschmitt Me 262 A-1b with BMW engines in 1/48 scale

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The set features 6 resin parts for the BMW jet engines and instructions.
During the WWII, BMW had long worked on the concept of a combined jet-rocket engine. A contract for such a power plant was placed on 15 June, 1942. It resulted in the BMW P 3395 engine, designated BMW 003 R in series production, which combined an orthodox BMW 003 A jet with the BMW 718 rocket engine. Both were enclosed in a single nacelle, and the nozzle of the rocket engine was situated above that of the jet engine. The BMW 718 was fed with R-Stoff fuel (so-called Tonka), made up of organic substances, with Sv-Stoff fuel oxidizing agent, consisting of a mixture of fuming nitric acid and sulphuric acid. A distinctive feature of this prototype was the tube under the fuselage (as in the V 186). Due to the corrosive nature of the fuel for the rocket, a special fuel dumping tube was placed below the rear fuselage, emptying behind the tail. In an emergency, the pilot could empty the fuel tank to avoid an explosion in case of a force landing. The Me 262 W Nr 170174 arrived at Oberammergau to be converted to prototype Heimatsch├╝tzer II or Me 262 C-1b, as this version was designated. Modification work was completed in mid-December 1944. On December 20 the V074 (as the airplane was also known) made its first flights with only the jet engines working. On 25 January and on 21 February the prototype was nearly burnt, when serious leaks occurred. But on 26 March, the airplane was successfully flown by Karl Baur with all engines working. Next take-off took place three days later, but this flight ended ina fire and the damaged fighter never flew again. As far as is known, four Me 262 were fitted with BMW engines (one of these is the V 078). These airplanes were designated officially Me 262 A-1b. The V 074 was the only one equipped with the BMW 003 R engine. Another aircraft (Wr. Nr. 130184) was sent to JV 44 from Rechlin for testing purposes.