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Heinkel He 162 A-8 Salamander in 1/48 scale

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The set features 3 resin parts and instructions, for a very easy construction. Suitable for Tamiya kits only ( item 61097)
During the war’s final year, 1945, several additional versions of the Heinkel He 162 Salamander were under development, with the ultimate designs expected to be equipped with swept wings and V-tail surfaces and also, with significantly more powerful engines. The idea consisted of raising the performance of the basic version of the He 162 A-1 by fitting a Jumo 004 jet engine with 1.050 Kg. of thrust ( the standard BMW 003 provided less than 900 Kg. of thrust). The He 162 M 11 ( Wr. Nr. 220017) and the He 162 M 12 ( Wr. Nr. 220018), both flown with BMW 003 A-1 engines fitted, were to serve as prototypes. The Jumo engines for these aircraft were delivered to Heinkel’s factory from Junkers’ factory in mid of February 1945. The Jumo 004 engines had to be adapted, since the main attachment points should be fitted on the lower side, the reverse of the practice for the Me 262 and Ar 234. The production on the new engine nacelles started immediately, the necessary changes in the engine attachment and in the respective installations and controls proceeded at the same time, however, the changes claimed more time than was initially expected. By the end of March, the test prototypes were almost finished. However at this time the Heinkel facility had to be evacuated due the Allied bombing raids, and the the work on the He 162 M11 and He 162 M 12 prototypes had to be interrupted without a test flight being carried out. Thus, the proposed series built versions of these He 162 prototypes ( sometimes referred to as the A-8), would never see a Luftwaffe airfield.