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1/48 scale Rheinmetall-Borsig MK 103 underwing pods (Rüstsatz R3)

Product Description
The set features 4 (four) resin parts, 1 ( one) steel tube, instructions. Recommended for 1/48 Tamiya/Dragon Fw 190 A-8/F-8 kits
Different armament of equipment sets called “Rüstsatz” (field conversion kit) could be installed in normal production models. These were very usual in fighters like the Fw 190. Both the Fw 190 A-8 and F-8 could be equipped with optional 30 mm. MK 103 cannons under the R3 designation. These were an improvement over the earlier Rüstsatz 3 (fitted for first time on Fw 190 A-5 version, called A-5/U11) now with tapered fairings over the cannon barrels and vertical muzzle fluting. This armament cause excessive vibration and shocks and it was not brought into operational service, only adopted experimentally in a few A-8s and F-8s. As far as is known, only two F-8/R3 were built