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Seccion: 1/72 Conversion Sets

Conversion set for Messerschmitt Me 262 W 1 in 1/72 scale

Product Description
The set features 18 resin parts for constructing the model. The set can be used with any Me 262 kit, despite it was developed for the Revell kit (kit # 04166)
Most of the projected aircraft were, from the technical point of view, superior to anything existing elsewhere in the world, confirming the extraordinary inventiveness of German designers. A good example of this was the Me 262 W1, a project based in the design of the Me 262, but fitted with eight Argus As 014 pulsejets under the wings ( the same engine of flying bomb V-1), in place of standards turbojets Jumo 004. Is possible which if this project should have been materialized, the same troubles with the Heinkel He 162 A-10 should have been occurred, due to the vibration of pulsejets.