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Messerschmitt Me 262 HG II in 1/72 scale

Product Description
The set comprises 10 resin parts, 2 vacuformed canopies (one spare) and instructions. Parts for "V" tail are included
In early 1941 a projected version of Me 262 High Speed version was created at the drawing boards. The first of the HG projects ( HG=Hochgeschwindigkeit, or high speed), was the "Pfeilflugel", or Arrow Wing , best known by HG I. This aircraft featured swept angles of the stabilizers, the "Rennkabine", or racing canopy,( with low profile) and modified wing leading edges. A second project was created following this way: the HG II , called for an outboard wing of increased chord and an improved engine installation, the new HeS 011. The HG II would be fitted with two tail options: the standard Me 262 tail and the V-tail, or “butterfly “tail.